The Golden Girls

I never thought my favorite way to spend a Wednesday afternoon would be in the midst of “seasoned women of a certain age.” Fortunately, fate lead me into the most amazing group of them. I had prayed about my friendships feeling disconnect and wondered why things changed so much. By forming a loosely connected group with them (which began through church), we have become a close-knit support system of one another. These girls range from 81 to 94 and can tell a story!  I have learned so much from listening to them and seeking their wisdom. We have a devotion, just talk our “girl talk,” and laugh!  After that, we normally go to the Pub onsite and maybe or maybe not have a glass of wine. It has been extraordinary how much joy I get from being with them. In fact, I get way more out of our time together than they do. We’ve had prayers answered, dealt with death of loved ones, health problems and political issues. Occasionally, I get the privilege to hear about a prior romance (or a colorful joke). It seems the more time we spend together, the more easily the stories flow. My husband says that this group is what “rings my chimes.”  I tend to agree.

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