School Policy

Our family can proudly attest to helping establish two school’s policies on animals brought to school. We were likely the first to bring live animals for show and tell. At a small, Christian school, we brought a snake and raccoon (I believe) and at the public elementary, we brought a snake, a turtle, and an entire litter of mice (possibly a frog or two, as well.). After  both of those instances, new school policy letters were promptly delivered to all parents. My sweet husband thought this was thoroughly educational for not only our children, but all the others. He thought them being late to school was nothing compared to teaching the children about the random box turtle or raccoon seen in wildlife. He always had a cage at the ready with him wherever he went. The school principal even dubbed me “mom of the mice.”  I don’t think it was endearing either.

We live on a creek that has plenty of fish but my children have never wanted to catch them in the past 18 years. When I asked them one day why they didn’t want to go catch fish like the bass boats did up and down our creek, they said, “We can’t, those are our pets!”  e237c0bd-282b-411b-969d-dbf128692ed1-e1530889278842.jpeg

Turtle hunting occupied many afternoons at our house. “Catch and release” was usual protocol but once I counted 18 tiny turtles in an aquarium in my son’s room. It smelled to high heaven and grossed me out but there they remained. I nagged  them constantly to wash their hands. It probably didn’t matter as we all had to be salmonella and Ecoli resistant by that point.

I’m embarrassed to say that even though all 4 our children attend college, one son’s snake still resides in our home. I had gone for the weekend to attend our daughter’s Bid Day during her freshman year at the university and came home to a snake aquarium fully established with the rocks, warming light, water and tiny plant decor throughout. I was livid but met with “Well, it’s all set up and he’s been wanting one!  We found this baby corn snake in the yard…” Ofcourse, mean mama wasn’t going to win that battle. It had already taken place without me!  So, snake sits still, getting bigger and bigger. I have begged my husband to release it but he keeps stalling saying it needs to learn to hunt. I’m not buying it. I think he was the one who wanted the snake from the start.

(Update:  June 12- Snake is officially MIA inside our house.  I truly can’t make this up. )

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