Dobson’s Missing Theory

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James Dobson categorizes childhood behaviors in two ways: childhood irresponsibility and willful defiance. Frustration comes when a parent cannot decide which one (if either) a behavior fits into.

Rearing several boys at once (of the high octane sort) results in an unusual amount of quizzical behaviors. My husband added to Dobson’s theory and titled it “Stupid Sh_t.” As the mother, I agree his terminology is pretty accurate. I mean, what other classification of behavior would a psychologist deem cause a son to put a lizard down his mother’s shirt in Game Stop? Or what other notion could prompt one to climb a tree to hide from a parent for several hours while taking selfies with a squirrel? Not to mention, jog behind a wheelchair holding a brother on a busy road (in the rain)? Or, pile in a wagon to roll down the hill over the bulkhead into the creek (AND video the proof!)?

As much as we sought out resources and guidance in parenting, there is only so much dissecting and evaluation one can do. Sometimes, it really just is “stupid sh_t.”

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