Talk, Don’t Text

Texting has become a very prolific, convenient method to communicate in modern society. It’s ease of use has nearly allowed it to eradicate entering a number to have a person to person, real time conversation. You can even record messages to someone. Notice only the “to” someone- there is no reciprocation. I have succumbed to the text pandemic myself. It’s ease allows me to send information without having to stop whatever I am doing and not get bogged down in a long conversation that may or may not be convenient. It’s become so prevalent that I wonder if people realize its abuse? It’s not that people do it on purpose, but it’s a very lazy way to make your presence known without actually having to do anything. If it’s conveying an address, number, or contact, texting is miraculous. But if you are reaching out to someone regarding a major crisis, don’t text, call! Just pick up your phone and make the phone call. People are bombarded during a crisis and the myriad of questions and condolences are exhausting over text. If you are a close friend or family, here’s a fair warning- don’t text first time. Call or show up. Your friend or family needs help and may not have the time, energy or wherewithal to return your text. It also shows you are too busy in your life to actually be inconvenienced to do anything. Words really are very cheap when pain is involved. I recently had a loved one hospitalized and we had complications that required long travel for medical care and subsequent hospitalizations. The daily text of prayers and questions were kind, yes, but just another “to do” for the caregiver. It’s nice, but empty. Love really is action. I do believe prayers are powerful, but you don’t have to detail that to the caregiver, “just do it” as Nike says.

As I age, I realize that true friends are absolutely a jewel that are precious and few. You don’t need or want daily contact when suffering. You just want a one time hug, meal for the family, errand run or a visit or token to your family member suffering (or whatever the issue is). Just don’t assume your single text has done what you wanted it to do. It seems way too easy and requires no effort whatsoever. Showing up requires the sacrifice of time. Everyone is limited on that resource and we all know it.

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