Lady! It’s Just Eggs…..

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I will never forget the feeling I had the day I got the “break” to be able to go grocery shopping with only one of our four, small children. I was thinking how great it was going to be to focus on just him as I did our grocery, weekly run. Equipped with a long list and a happy toddler I got down to business. We had a lot of items stockpiled in our cart as he sat strapped in the front of the cart. I was no fool when I made sure the delicate carton of eggs were placed as far as physically possible away from his tiny grasp. We had made it to the far back of the store and our cart was over flowing. I turned to the left and in a flash saw an 18 carton of eggs go airborne and crash to the floor. All eyes were on me and my precious angel who had arched himself as far as he could just to grasp the flap of the carton. I had placed those eggs as far as the cart would allow. How did he do that? My reaction was, “Omg! I have to clean up all these eggs!” and “I can’t believe I’m here with just ONE KID and THIS happened!!?!?!!” Tears were streaming down my face as I felt massive defeat as a mom and thoroughly embarrassed. An employee took note of my emotional response and said, “Lady, it’s just eggs.” But I was looking at the eggs as the villain that had once again, conquered me and deemed me incapable. Thank God, a fellow church member saw my teary dilemma and helped me to the cashier and car. I didn’t do big grocery store shopping with children for a long time after that.

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