We Are Not Glass Vase People

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

My husband told me when our boys were little that we were not glass vase people. What he meant was that we cannot decorate with anything other that leather, cement or wood. When I put glass anything out as decor, the over/under on it was maybe 3 days. I have found lamps with cracks, vessels in shatters and one interesting item was the picture frame with photo minus all glass. That was easily unnoticeable for a few weeks. Occasionally, the odd item would go missing and I would ask about it and get the most blank expressions from my family.

When our triplet boys were 2 years old, they had nap time. It should have been called “what can we collectively accomplish to blow mom’s mind time,” however. I had their 3 cribs lined up but apart and I would shut the door. Thinking they were apart and couldn’t bother one another, I went to lie down too. What I never could have anticipated was them rocking and rolling their cribs across the floor until they touched so they could all flip into one crib. I heard a loud crash and ran into the room only to find the curtains and all hardware ripped out of the wall piled on the floor. They just looked at me like, “What happened?” Those angelic, little faces were as surprised as I was.

Financially, we’ve had a flat screen punched after a Wii gone wrong game, a chandelier busted from indoor football and the most expensive double paned, window replaced. Those are just items I can remember!

To this day, when I am shopping for our home I try to anticipate the reality of living with whatever it is. It may be beautiful or interesting, but if it’s not durable, it doesn’t make it through the door.

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