My spiritual devotionals have a recurrent theme lately. I read several different ones throughout the day and when the same message comes from different sources, I believe it’s the “Big Man” speaking.

“Fear not, for I have overcome the world,” Jesus says in John 16:33. I find tremendous relief in this verse. I don’t think I want to hear the words “Covid” or “Impeachment” anymore. It seems I cannot escape either topic for more than a few minutes. My husband and I were having lunch yesterday and I told him to please stop talking about the virus because I couldn’t bare one more minute thinking about it.

Having an insurrection prior to an inauguration with polarization causes agitation. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion and are convinced THEY ARE RIGHT! I read some comments on Facebook that make me nervous. That is why the verse above is such a comfort to me. If each person were 100% correct, we’d need to all live on different planets as we could not possibly coexist. So what do we do? How will we get through January 20th?

A heated political climate is not new. This has and will happen again. I’m just not sure how all this is going to turn out. When I allow my mind free reign, it tends to create scenarios so preposterous I have to reel it back in with truth like John 16:33. Jesus already overcame the world. The victory is complete. So what else is there to fear? The old adage is fear itself.

2 thoughts on “FEAR NOT

  1. Love this Katie and you !! Joshua 1:9 has been a source of great comfort to me during this entire “season” . “Have I not commanded you ? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” God is in charge, loves us and is with us .

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