Embrace Interruptions?

I’m a type A, goal-oriented person with a bit of OCD. I like things a certain way and completed when I want. This personality type is both a blessing and a curse. Life has helped me realize that my plans aren’t always best and interruptions can actually become meaningful interactions. I just have to be willing to let them.

I can remember when the phone would ring in the family kitchen and you actually had to stop what you were doing and go over to it and have a focused conversation because you could only move as far as the cord (a cord!) would allow. Now we expect to do multiple things while chatting if we actually speak to a person at all. “Chatting” now means something totally else. Regardless, a phone call can be an interruption or a pleasant interaction. It is my choice.

Going about my business, I can be annoyed or open to those in my path. I recognize it’s all up to me to embrace moments or hurry through them in my own, task-minded world. When I’ve made the slightest effort to be kind or helpful doing any minute act, I’ve found incredible, silent joy, however. Might be small or big, doesn’t matter.

I regret now times of being bothered with my childrens’ frequent interruptions. My ADHD brain would zoom ahead with unmet goals and I’d get tense all because I let myself. All I had to do was stop and embrace the moment. The lost moments’ potential will never be realized. I sometimes wonder what blessings I miss out on being too focused and busy now?

It doesn’t take a degree to understand and develop patience with interruptions, just mindful awareness. Of course, there are times when you cannot and should not stop, but I’m talking more about the mundane. If life is just a series of moments, I’m hopeful my fewer, future moments will be good ones.

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