I Believe

Since we are in the Christmas season, it would make sense this title would refer to Santa Claus but that’s not who this is about. It’s about the baby we will be celebrating having been born to redeem us all. It’s about Jesus, His example, and why I follow Him.

C S Lewis wrote, “I believe in the sun not because I can see it, but by it, I can see everything else.” His statement also depicts how I believe God sent His Son, born to a young Virgin, to provide us an example of how to live. By having faith in not only the historical fact of Jesus but also having a relationship with Him, my life is much richer and more meaningful. I “see” differently now.

Try answering hard questions from a college student who is taking a World Religions course. This occurred a few years back when I was alone with my son while traveling. He wasn’t sure about his beliefs anymore since he’d recently discovered there were many options to religion and faith. He had read about sects of Judaism, Buddhism, Hindi and others. He kept grilling me on exactly why I chose to have faith in Jesus Christ over those. I prayed silently for the correct answer since I knew a lot was riding on my response. After being quiet a few minutes, I simply stated, “Because I like it and it works for me.” That might sound simplistic, but it was the right thing at the moment because had I chosen doctrine or beliefs, a major debate would have ensued.

I realize everyone does not believe what I do and that we all have free will. But I’ve found my identity, fulfillment, direction and solutions due to choosing Christianity. It has sustained me and provided for me long before I understood what “it” was. This is my center that helps me keep perspective and balance in life.

I’m grateful I have my faith as a constant refuge. As I’ve aged and had my faith tested, it’s only become stronger. I recall times of difficulty and fear that nothing short of a miracle was going to improve matters. God came through for me and guided me. He has never let me down. This has created a deep contentment that is otherwise known as peace. I cannot live without it now and wouldn’t try.

This Christmas I will be thinking about the reality of baby Jesus being sent by a Father who loved me enough to send Him for me (and all). Being omnipotent, God knew what mankind would eventually do to this precious gift. Yet, His journey, His life here, was worth it. The end of His life, which marked a new beginning for all, was worth it. God thinks and thought we all are worth it. I believe.


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